Story Merchant Ken Atchity has produced dozens of films to date, with a half dozen more Story Merchant Books projects in development for production:

 Rexanne Becnel’s Christmas Journey about to appear in December 2015 on
 UP Channel,  as “Angels in the Snow” (produced by Atchity, Norman Stephens
 and Odyssey Entertainment).

 Dennis Walsh’s Nobody Nowhere in development with AP and
 Marc Platt Productions (star  and director attached),
 script by Chris Mundy (“Low Winter Sun,” “Criminal Minds”). 

 Martin Ott’s The Interrogator’s Notebook in development with AP and
 Steve Marrs (repped  by Paradigm),
 script by Todd Robinson (“Phantom,” “Lonely Hearts”). 

 Dennis Palumbo’s Rinaldi Series (Fever Dream, Night Terrors, Phantom Limb,
 Mirror Image
) in development with AP and Steve Marrs (repped by Paradigm). 

 Misti Mosteller’s The Fat Rules signed by AP with Paradigm Literary Agency,
 and out to television partners with Francey Grace also producing. 

 Warren Woodruff’s Dr. Fuddle and the Gold Baton signed by AP with Del Mar EPS
 for a two-film franchise kickoff.

 Nancy Freedman’s Joshua, Son of None in development with AP and Nick Grillo
 Productions (repped by Larry Becsey at IPG).

 Ryan Patricks's You're Not Helping is in development with AP and
 Michael R. Goldstein Productions.

 Larry Thompson’s Dead Peasants in development with AP and
 Michael R. Goldstein.

 Jock Miller’s Fossil River in development with AP.


Ken sheds some light on the process of how a story evolves into
a film project.

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