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Producer/literary manager Dr. Ken Atchity has made it his life-long mission to serve storytellers and bring their stories to the ideal (and maximum) audiences by:

• Reacting to and understanding storytellers’ changing needs
• Thinking outside the box
• Evolving with the constant changes in the story marketplace
• Trusting intuition to predict the demands of tomorrow’s market

The family of companies he’s created to respond to your needs together have accounted for nearly 20 New York Times bestsellers and more than 30 entertainment productions.

As a traditional literary manager, Story Merchant Representation represents select stories and nonfiction work for publication through “legacy” (traditional) publishing. Selection is determined by (your subject matter, your credentials, and your platform’s marketability). *If your story is chosen for representation, Story Merchant charges no fees other than its 15% sales commission for selling your book in the domestic and foreign markets.


Story Merchant Books, “an incubator for new voices” working closely with assists storytellers in the direct publishing of their work to prove its marketability and establish a readership track record that may attract legacy publishers and/or entertainment financing. *For direct publishing, Story Merchant Books charges a launch fee and a 25% participation in your royalties. Costs for editing (if needed), proofreading, cover design, interior design, ISBN, and other items that will appear in the budget we send you. Story Merchant Books can be in e-, print, or both formats.


Story Merchant Book Marketing offers an array of marketing services both to its own authors and to others who wish to enhance their book’s promotion. *A proposed menu including costs will be sent to you once we understand the nature of your book, your own plans, and your budget.


Story Merchant Coaching works one on one with storytellers to assist them in figuring out their paths and the next steps to success along that path


Atchity Productions, LLC is Dr. Atchity’s television and film production company that offers Story Merchant authors’ properties to the motion picture and television industries and produces them instead of receiving a dramatic rights sale for their sale. Revenues from a sale go entirely to the storyteller. AP also offers a “writers become proactive filmmakers” Coproduction Program to those writers who have both the desire and the ability to take a more proactive role in the production of their stories.


The Writers Lifeline, Inc.,, the first of the Story Merchant sister companies created, nearly thirty years ago (a) mentors writers with marketable story concepts until their craft and technique equal their vision and ambition; and (b) ghostwrites for those storytellers not determined to write their own books or scripts. *The Writers Lifeline charges fees, depending on what services it performs for you. It offers a detailed “project launch analysis” service [] to help storytellers determine if their projects are ready for representation and/or publication or production — and what to do to make them ready for discovery. *Cost dependent on type of submission, and length.

If you aren’t sure which of our companies is right for your story — that's no problem. We automatically screen incoming stories to determine that for you. If we’re interested in working with your story, we’ll advise you, by phone or email, what we believe to be the most effective way to work with us for your purposes.

In all cases — please start by sending us an email query letter only (additional materials will be discarded unread). We don’t accept queries by snail mail, text, or LinkedIn.

Email queries for novels, non-fiction books, and proposals should be in the form of a compelling and businesslike letter giving us:

• Who referred you to Story Merchant, or how did you discover us?

• A one-sentence pitch (“the hook”),

• A brief overview of your story (“the book”),

• A two-to-three line bio of yourself focused on your activities or previous writing relevant to your story (“the cook”). We’d also like to know what is your day job — and why are you the only person to write this book?

• Please also let us know the audience for which it is intended and how you are networked into that audience (“your platform”). Compare your book to successful books of its kind. How will you promote your book?

• If you know, please tell us which Story Merchant company you think should be considering your work.

• Your contact information, including where you live, phone number, and email.

If we’re interested we will ask for more materials. Allow 3 to 6 weeks for a response on initial queries. Please don’t submit blind multiple submissions. If multiple submissions are received without our requesting them, your email and material will be deleted and your email address will be blocked.

If we decide to take a closer at your material, please allow 60 to 90 days for us to read your work and provide you with a response.

PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS or follow-up emails. If you’ve received no response after 90 days, only THEN should you email and check up on our progress.

If we do request to see all or part of your work, make sure it’s finished and properly edited before sending it to us for representation (meaning proofread, spell-checked, and rewritten until it’s up to professional standards). We determine your needs based on this submission.

Manuscript submission should be accompanied by:

(1)a 1-2 page pitch of your book;

(2)a brief chapter by chapter outline;
(3)your full manuscript (or requested sampling from), presented in 12-pt Courier New or Times New Roman, double-spaced, font, with your name, the book or script’s title, and page number on each page;

(4)an “about the author” page and your platform;

(5)a competition page;

(6)any relevant or supporting information;

If your manuscript is not in that condition, and you require professional editorial or rewrite assistance before seeking representation, we – or you – may direct your work to the attention of Writer’s Lifeline Inc., a sister company established by Story Merchant’s founder to help promising writers create a bridge to professional success. ( Please note that working with Writer’s Lifeline, Inc. does not guarantee representation or publication by Story Merchant, although Story Merchant’s founders help to shape client stories and gets a “first look” at them. Writer’s Lifeline clients have accounted for approximately sixty percent of Story Merchant sales. 

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